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Application for Services

If you are requesting the assistance of a Public Defender, you must complete this form and submit the completed form directly to the Clerk of Court. If you have the funds, Florida law imposes a $50.00 fee for filing this form with the clerk of court, payable at the time you file the form. If you do not have the funds, please be sure to mention that to your assigned attorney.

If you own any property, be sure to list that on the form. If you drive a car, be sure to list that on the form. If you don't list those things it could delay the processing of your application and result in the clerk not appointing the Public Defender's Office.

The clerk will review their property records and the state vehicle registration records, and based on that review and your application, will either appoint the Public Defender or they will determine that you are not indigent. If they appoint the Public Defender, they will forward your form to our office so we know of the appointment and begin work on your case.

If the clerk determines you are not indigent, or cannot make a determination because of discrepancies between what you reported on the Application form and what they found in the property and vehicle databases, you are allowed to ask the court to review their determination at your next court event.