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Investigation Internships

Due to Covid-19, operations throughout our circuit, and the state of Florida, have changed drastically - court hearings are significantly limited to only essential proceedings and staff are working from home. As a result, we are unable to offer any internships or volunteer work until further notice. We are working closely with the internship programs at both FAMU and FSU. Please keep in touch with your school's internship coordinator for updates if you are interested in a future internship or volunteer opportunities.

Your investigative internship experience could include, but not limited to:

  • Client, Victim, and Witness Interviews
  • Report preparation
  • Assist investigators and attorneys on major case investigations
  • Have your own investigative caseload
  • Visit, photograph, videotape, digitalize or draw crime scenes and evidence.
  • Assisting the attorney in case preparation and strategy.
  • Observe important court proceedings, hearings, and criminal trials.
  • Tour other agencies and learn about the criminal justice system.
  • Make a difference while working for indigent defense!

Training: Each student will be required to participate in a week-long orientation/training to begin their internship. This training will be an introduction into criminal defense investigation, interview techniques, computer research, records gathering, service process, and many other investigative skills.

*We also take volunteers (20 hours or more)


We would prefer college students or those with some college background.

Time and Place:

The investigative intern will work in the Public Defender’s Office from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. Adjusted hours will be at the discretion of the intern’s supervisor.


One full academic semester. Interns will follow the Office of the Public Defender’s work schedule and not the university calendar. Our preference is for all our interns to hold a full-time schedule (40 hours a week); however, part-time internships will be considered depending on need and space.

Other considerations:

Having a vehicle would be helpful because the investigative intern will often be required to drive to the jail or to serve subpoenas.

How to apply?

Critical Reminders for Intern Candidates:

  • We accept only a limited number of part-time interns
  • Part-time Interns must commit to no less than 20 hours a week per semester
  • We have a limited number of spots, so apply early
  • Applicants may be asked to intern in one of our outlying county offices

Interested and have questions for us?

Investigator Intern Coordinator:

Investigator Andrea Tinoco