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Social Work Internships

Due to Covid-19, operations throughout our circuit, and the state of Florida, have changed drastically - court hearings are significantly limited to only essential proceedings and staff are working from home. As a result, we are unable to offer any internships or volunteer work until further notice. We are working closely with the internship programs at both FAMU and FSU. Please keep in touch with your school's internship coordinator for updates if you are interested in a future internship or volunteer opportunities.

What we can offer:

Students will be introduced to client-centered, direct-practice experience by:

  • Interviewing clients to determine service needs (e.g. housing, drug treatment, mental health).
  • Training in rapport-building techniques.
  • Training in linking clients to service networks, housing, and available resources.
  • Opportunities to work with juvenile, adult, and elderly/geriatric populations.
  • Working as a collaborative team member to assist with creating service plans used in sentencing/dispositions.
  • Attending community partner meetings to learn and share information.

Work Schedule: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (unless part-time student or holidays).

Internship Programs:

  • FAMU Students: Social Work Students interested in interning should contact Katisa Donaldson/Director of Field Placement at or 850-412-7551.
  • FSU Students: Social Work Students interested in interning should contact Katrina Boone/Director of Field Placement at or 850-644-9743
  • Other Schools: Contact your school’s field placement/volunteer office or Office of Public Defender at or 850-606-1072

Interested and have questions for us?

Social Work Intern Coordinator:

Victor Williams M.S.W.