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Vision Statement

Our Vision includes:

Every client receives high quality and zealous legal representation, regardless of social status, age, race, disability, national origin, ethnicity, sex, lifestyle or sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or any other individual characteristic.

We represent every client to the best of our abilities, regardless of the nature of the accusations against them or the unpopularity of our professional actions and duties. In fact, we work even harder on the very worst of cases and never abandon our clients in the face of criticism, coercion or threats from any source.

We are current on Florida law, Constitutional law, and engage in thorough research of the law for our individual cases. We practice state of the art criminal defense.

We assume a Holistic Approach in representing our clients, meaning we view our clients in the context of their whole lives: mind, body, and social factors included.

We discover and identify what influences have led our clients to be accused of crimes.

Whether wrongfully accused, over-charged, or guilty as charged, we provide our clients with mental health assistance, substance abuse screening and treatment, coordination of necessary benefits, assistance with housing, and other services necessary to deter future legal problems, alleviate their own suffering, and in hopes of guiding them toward more productive lives.

We utilize our social workers and investigators to develop mitigation to promote treatment over punishment and, if appropriate, to diminish the culpability of our clients for their wrong choices.

We treat our clients with respect and courtesy, even in the face of insult or rudeness on their part. We do not tolerate excessive verbal or other abuse from clients or their friends and family, but we are mindful that we are the educated, the informed, and the professional, and our patience and understanding must be far greater than that of our clients.

We labor at all times to transform difficult client relations into harmonious ones, which in turn creates more positive outcomes in their cases.

Clients who are convicted or otherwise have a right to appeal will be represented by our appeals division and, assuming there is a good faith basis to file an appeal, we will do so upon client request and file all necessary documents to start the process. An appeals lawyer will thoroughly review the record, research the applicable law, and assert all arguable issues to the appropriate higher court.

Our appeals lawyers are criminal law specialists and continually study criminal law, network with other appeals lawyers in the State, attend continuing legal education programs and constantly read new court opinions. Over the years, our appeals lawyers have assisted many clients in obtaining new trials, sentencing relief and other relief. They seek relief on appeal from trial court rulings and also assist our trial staff in protecting the due process rights of our clients at the trial level.